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An Ode To The Yotes (My Arizona Coyotes designs through the years)


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Hello everyone!
The Coyotes are expected to announce their relocation today or tomorrow. I thought that it would be a good idea to 'honour' them by showing all of the designs ive made for them through the years. 
They may be a train wreck of a franchise that stole hockey from my city in the 90s, but theyre so fun to design for and I hope their 2nd chance ends up working out.
Without further ado:



My first ever Yotes concept, designed in 2021.


I believe this was my first design overall on this specific jersey template. Note the lines not curving and the poor layering on the arms!


A RR2.0 Concept using their very generic reebok jersey template.



Another "set concept" . Was almost onto something here, not too sure why i put a chest stripe on that white jersey though.


Another RR2.0 prediction designed in collaboration with PuckEmpire.


Yet another RR2.0 concept. This one has a bunch of eras in one.


From my Nike NHL series. Home/Away/City Edition. This one might be my favourite out of all of them. 



From my Fanatics NHL series. 





These are all from an alternate universe series that is still WIP. Keep an eye out for it in the future.


From my NHL ORIGINS series. This is the final Coyotes jersey ive designed to this date. 

As i said before. The Yotes are/were one of my favourite teams to ever design for and im hoping things work out in the future. 

Feedback appreciated as always, but I wont be making any adjustments as I dont have any of the original files to these anymore. Would still love to hear your thoughts, which is your favourite? 

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