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Will's Trivia Game - Question #1.2


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Okay, I asked you to name any Heisman Trophy winner. Here's what you said.

OneManManyFacets (4:17 AM) - Gino Toretta

InTheEnd88 (6:39 AM) - Charles Woodson

OnWis97 (10:14 AM) - Alan Ameche

wheateater (1:07 PM) - Ty Detmer

Nick 1733 (1:29 PM) - Rashaan Salaam

marchmadness1012 (2:57 PM) - Doug Flutie

joel_fiasco (5:05 PM) - Charles Woodson (X)

STL FANATIC (5:33 PM) - Eric Crouch

Cyclopsis Joe (5:45 PM) - Carson Palmer

ROCHitman (6:10 PM) - Ernie Davis

jpslapshot22 (6:17 PM) - Doug Flutie (X)

lmupepbander (6:28 PM) - Carson Palmer (X)

jrodsep (7:28 PM) - Rashaan Salaam (X)

AstroBull21 (7:59 PM) - Roger Staubach

NJTank (8:54 PM) - Gino Toretta (X)

MidwestEagle (8:56 PM) - Barry Sanders

josh_j182 (12:03 AM) - Earl Campbell

OneMan, you've got two points and the lead going into question 2. Everyone else who answered has one point UNLESS your answer has an X next to it (Joel, JP, LMU, JRod, Tank). If you have an X next to your answer, you gave an answer already given, and you don't score.

Second question is:

Name any professional hockey player that has won the Hart Trophy (Hart Memorial Trophy since 1960), as the regular-season MVP of the National Hockey League.

PM your answer to me within 24 hours - so we'll make the deadline Wednesday at 10 AM EST.


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Sid Abel



Owner of

Kalamazoo Tech Kobras (Nat'l College Fant. Assc. Basketball, Football, and Hockey)

2006-07 NCFAB National Champions

2006 NCFAF Midwest Conf. Champions

Rochester Patriots (Major League Hockey - AHL Fantasy League) 2005-06 Neilson Cup Champs

Detroit Black Panthers (Xtreme Hockey League) 2005-06 Yzerman Conference Champs

Sheldon Motorsports (TRAC) - #20 Guinness Chevy & #21 UPS Chevy #44 Syracuse University Chevy

Commissioner of

MLH (Major League Hockey, an AHL Fantasy League)

TRAC (Team Racing Auto Circuit, NASCAR)

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