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  1. Something like this might work for the Jazz, it's a great compromise between the mountains set and statement set: https://www.behance.net/gallery/62707295/2019-Nike-Utah-Jazz-Concept-City-Kits
  2. René González, Albert Belle - 88 Jack Armstrong - 77 Yasiel Puig - 66 Orel Hershiser - 55
  3. When ever I think of better uniforms for the Mavs I think of this concept. Cuban just make the check payable to Conrad Burry @Conrad.
  4. I just wished they got rid of the stupid "special" caps for the game. Just use the regular cap with the all star logo on the side like they used to do.
  5. Does anyone remember the supposed move of the Timberwolves to New Orleans in the mid-90's? And the names floating around of Loup-Garou and Rhythm.
  6. IIRC, it was the other way around. The Vancouver Mounties had to become Grizzlies rather hastily because a deal couldn’t be done between RCMP and ownership. Another interesting thing is that the Grizzlies name was intended for Toronto. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/vancouver-grizzlies-toronto-raptors-logo-origin-may-2019
  7. They should just use the spring training cap instead.
  8. If they removed the “NEW YORK” script from the front and had a redesign of the 80’s helmet it would be way better that this Saskatchewanish redesign.
  9. Why couldn’t they modernize the 80’s-90’s helmet logo? That would have been a 1000x better that what they used.
  10. I despise the Atlanta road cap with all my heart. The home cap is the only one they need and it works so much better with all of their uniforms.
  11. Even hotter take. Teams should have a full colored alternate. Like an all-black White Sox alternate.
  12. I think it's a one year stopgap to a complete overhaul in 2020 regardless of a new deal in place for a new manufacturer. What they have right now is a mess of different elements that don't go that well together. Plus, they will be more in the public eye since they're hosting the ASG. And MLB wanted to eradicate Wahoo before this season.
  13. A simple white outline on the "C" of the cap would have worked wonders. Other than that I love this side-grade.
  14. Look at this concept over at Reddit, I love it: The real kicker is when you invert the colors of the new logo: