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NFL Uniforms Project

Nick 1733

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I've begun work on my NFL Uniforms Project but I need a lot of help. I'm currently making ALL NFL Number and Letter fonts from 1950 to now. (Vector 2D Helmets will be included)

I'll list what I have done as it comes to fruitation.

Here's what's done so far:

ALL Current NFL

ALL 1990 NFL

ALL 1989 NFL

ALL 1988 NFL

1960 Houston Oilers

1993 New England Patriots

1994 TB Arizona Cardinals

1994 TB Atlanta Falcons

1994 TB Buffalo Bills

1994 TB Chicago Bears

1994 TB Cincinnati Bengals

1994 TB Cleveland Browns

1994 TB Dallas Cowboys

1994 TB Denver Broncos

1994 TB Detroit Lions

1994 TB Green Bay Packers

1994 TB Houston Oilers

1994 TB Indianapolis Colts

1994 TB Los Angeles Raiders

1994 TB Los Angeles Rams

1994 TB Miami Dolphins

1994 TB Minnesota Vikings

1994 TB New Orleans Saints

1994 TB New York Giants

1994 TB Pittsburgh Steelers

1994 TB San Diego Chargers

1994 TB San Francisco 49ers

1994 TB Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1994 TB Washington Redskins

1995 Philadelphia Eagles

1995 San Francisco 49ers

1996 Denver Broncos

1996 Miami Dolphins

1996 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2002 Atlanta Falcons

2002 Buffalo Bills

2003 Cincinnati Bengals

ALL photo help is greatly appriciated. I need as much help as I can get for this. Thanks in advance.

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