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Looking for new soccer uniforms


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Hey guys, gotta question. My soccer club, a military mens and womens team here in San Antonio, are looking for new uniforms. does anyone know of a place to get a newer (2002-2004 start date) kit? We aren't an official military team so we don't get funding for stuff like this so we want to find some quality uniforms that aren't going to break the bank. We currently wear the nike Park, which thankfully(They are horrible for San Antonio spring and summer) are no longer being made. If y'all know of anyone who might cut us a break on unifoms, probably 80 jerseys in total, 40 for each team, 40-60 pairs of shorts and socks, drop me a note here.

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I got some jerseys for my fraternity, the place was out of Houston TX. They were screened on, and very affordable. They'll do custom names, numbers, etc. My only complaint was they were a bit short and wide fit wise. Otherwise they're decent quality and they have alot of good looks.

Here's their contact information:

UFO Soccer

1900 Blalock Rd.

Houston, TX 77080-5450

(713) 464-2712

They had a website: www.ufosoccer.com But its not up right now. I got these about 2 years ago.

I'm out of batteries, otherwise I'd get you a pic of them. Like I said, they are decent quality, not world cup standard by any means. But if I remember right they were about 15 bucks each. They are lightweight and they also caried shorts and socks that matched their designs.

Hope this helps! And I hope they are still in business so they can help you out!


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