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Wrong number Patriots jersey


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So as usual, I'm going through my daily habit of scouting my next Patriots jersey on eBay, and all of sudden I find a new Reebok Vince Wilfork Pats jersey...SWEET!!! Until you notice that it's not his number 75 on the jersey.


This isn't the only case of Mr. Wilfork's replica jersey w/ the wrong number. Do a search on eBay and you'll find a couple others. The weird thing is that you can't even find any replicas anywhere with his real #75 on it...

any insight guys?

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I've seen a few people sporting #75 Wilfork replicas. Funny thing is, the lettering on the nameplate is Berthold City Medium (not quite Bold), even though the Patriots use a different font entirely.

how did you get to be "font"tastic on knowing font names?

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