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I have tried everywhere I can imagine to track down an authentic Chicago Bears home jersey. I've found plenty of the loose-sleeved variety, but not one of the the kind I want -- the type w/ ProBrite material on the shoulders and elastic arm bands.

I contacted Reebok directly. They put me in touch with Logo Athletic, the company that actually manufactures the jerseys on Reebok's behalf. Logo Athletic claims that the elastic arm band variety is not available to the public, only directly to the teams.

But I know I've seen 'em! I was in Chicago a few weeks ago for the Bears-Vikings game and I saw several of those types of jerseys on the backs of Bears fans. So I suspect that they were available at one time.

Now, if anyone is plugged into the world of sports jerseys, the members of this board are. I bet someone on this board knows where to find the secret stash. So I beseech you -- help me find my Holy Grail!

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Thanks, gentlemen. I already own an Urlacher road jersey, of the loose arm variety. What I'd like to get is a blank home jersey so I can customize it w/ my own immortal name and number: Peterson 44. :D

I might try and contact River City and see if they can do custom jobs. I appreciate all your help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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