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Possible Wordmarks


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As announced in the TNFF board, my TNFF team, with the departure of founding co-owner STLFanatatic, will be renamed the Pronghorns (we're not moving though)

I am working on logo and uni ideas, but I have a couple of early drafts for wordmarks, and am asking for C & C on them.

So far it's just a simple presentation in two of the team's colours red & dark purple.

I'm trying to decide between staying simple or adding a bit to these. I may switch the letter colour with the background or eliminate the background.

So that's it so far---I can't decide between all Caps or not--but so far I'm favoring the second one-




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Have you thought about an arch to the text? Might make the underline more appropriate?

I know I had to depart as an owner, but if you'd like any help with the designs, lemme know.

I also know I never got around to the uniforms though, so I may not sound real reliable though, but I'll do my best if you want any help.

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Actually I have considered an arch--but haven't tried it yet. If you want to mess around with the wordmark--be my guest! (The font is called Kelmscott--and it fits what I had in my mind perfectly)

The hardest part will probably be the primary logo.

The helmets are okay--they won't have the primary logo, but will feature pronghorn horns (or antlers-whatever) on the sides.

I've done them in Madden, and I really like them--now I just need to put them on a regular helmet template...


(for the offer, and for the logo for season one!)

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