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Hello guys,

I was wondering if there is a newer version of Illustrator than the one I currently have (AI10). I have heard alot about Illustrator CS (though i dont know what CS stands for), but I have leary of acquiring it in fear that it doesnt have the same features as Illustrator 10 and/or as easy to understand and use. Is Illustrator CS the newest version of Illustrator or just a "spinoff" and does it have all the familiar features of the Illustrator 10 I have finally begun to grasp?

Any help here would be FANTASTIC!

Thanks guys.


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CS stands for creative suites. Hell of a lot better than AI10, and it works just as simple. it is the newest version. it comes in one whole package of photoshop CS, Adobe Indesign CS, and some other stuff. its pretty cool. i believe it runs about 500 but i got the hook up from my design teacher. who doesnt really teach me much shes not a good teacher.

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The "Creative Suite" line from Adobe is part of a new integrated system between all of Adobe's main applications: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, GoLive, Acrobat Professional, and a new program/file management system called VersionCue.

If you use a Mac, the CS line is also the first applications created specifically for OS-X.

CS is a lot more versatile and extensive than version 10, but most of the functionality remains the same betwee the two. I haven't done anything intensive in CS, and everything that I have done in 10 is done the same way in CS.

If you're still not sure, just check out Adobe.com, and reviews at macworld.com and macaddict.com. (Even if you use a pc, the reviws should give you a good idea of what's new in CS).

I think version 11 of Illustrator and 9 of Photshop will be comeing out in the near future, but I don't know what the actual titles will be (CS2 maybe?)

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illustrator cs is version 11.

CS is basically the name used for the newest version of all of adobe's graphics suite sans acrobat, which is in version 6

photoshop cs = photoshop 8.0

indesign cs = indesign 2.0

golive cs = golive 2.0

illustrator cs = illustrator 11.0

i may be wrong on the indesign and golive version numbers, but i know for a fact that the PS and Illy numbers are correct.

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InDesign is 3 and GoLive is 7

I use the whole Creative Suite except for GoLive. I use Dreamweaver for creating websites just because thats what they taught us. I have messed a little bit with GoLive, it seems to be the same as Dreamweaver, even layed out the same almost.

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I wouldn't say CS is leaps and bounds above 10. Its got some nice bells and whisles, but there isn't much there that is worth spending an extra amount of money. I'd only upgrade if its absolutly neccesary or you have extra cash laying around.

I use 10 at home and CS at work. One that matters if you send stuff to printers is you can't back save in CS, IE save as Illustrator 8. You have to export. Really not a big deal.

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