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My First Design Post.


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I decided to give the Penguins a classic yet updated look. This is my first design so, if anyone has any imput, it is welcome. I am not a great designer so a lot of my jerseys will either have lettering or current logos, so I hope no one will hate on me. Thanks


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dude those are terrible!!! YOU ARE THE WORST DESIGNER IN THE WORLD!!!! I HATE YOU AND SO SHOULD EVERYONE ELSE!!!!! may god have mercy on your soul!!!!

nah!!!!! just kidding im not gonna hate on ya ^_^ . i like em. keep up the good work!!!! :D

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Not bad for a first time out. I like your idea, even if the Penguins SUCK!!!!!

:-) I see you use the RC template. Nice choice. You can get a ton of designing info (including fonts and such) from the Tfaqs thread on this board.

E-mail, i'll send ya some links if it's easier.


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