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Two Mets Concepts


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Okay, the first is an update of my first conmcept, which, (no surprise) was a Mets alt. It's meant to be a retro/old feel look(Mets spelled out, white Sunday-esque hat, blue and orange striping)

Here's the update:


And the old for comparison:


About the new one, no, the bars under each letter are NOT meant to be there. TeamSpirit is the closest font I've found for the Mets, but unfourtnately, it has those bars - maybe I'll make an attempt to edit it.

And here's an alternate I'd actually like to see them adopt, both jersey and hat...


C&C would rock, especially if someone knows of a better Mets font than Team Spirit...

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I actually like the font alot. If you just look at "Met" in your Metropolitans, it's almost dead on.

As for the concepts themselves, I really like them. It seems like the Mets are back and forth all the time with a design. Pinstripes, no pinstripes, I can't keep track of this. What you did here is a great change of pace, and very classy. Has alot of variant potential.

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alright in illustrator, tyoe out what you want. go to objects-expand, that will make it a shae rather than text. ungroup it. then go to objects-compound path- release. that will make the letter seperate from the bar. erase the bar. if its an b, e, etc.... select all of the letter and go back to objects - compound path - make and there ya go...

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hey kenny, look for a font called Airstream, its' very close to the Mets script font, and I also use it for my fantasy FB team. Hell, along with Machine Script (somewhat close to the Indians) it's sort of my go-to baseball font if I can't make the wordmark of the team I'm doing. ^_^

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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