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sorry for posting two topics in a row, but they really don't have anything to do with one another.

   My grandfather used to have several jazz greats over to his house every year to play toghether at a jazz party he would throw.  Those parties were recorded and now my father, a jazz lover like my granddad, is putting these recordings on CD.  These musicians are playing toghether for one time only, playing, talking to each other and all that.  A local jazz musician who is a friend of the family says we should produce these CD's in a limited quantity, put toghether a box set, and sell them on ebay.  We're not sure if we're going to due that yet, but we do realize these CD's are priceless.  My dad started Bonsoir Records, just as a name to put on the CD's he recorded and gave to his brothers.  Now, if we were to sell the box sets on ebay, we would use the name Bonsoir Records.  I designed a few logos, but one stood out from the rest.  Granted, I ripped it from the New Orleans Brass, but it still looks cool.  The question is, if we were to sell these CD's and make a box set and we were to use the following logo, what would I have to do to get clearance form the New Orleans Brass?  Thanks for any help!

Bonsoir Records

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Very good job on the adjustment, but just to be safe, I'd try and find out, and try to get an answer from someone in the organization. With a minor league team like that, I'd think they wouldn't be too terribly strict about brand protection, especially when you have done quite a bit to alter the logo from what they use.
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