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Calling all Avenger and Aussie Rules fans in LA

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From usfooty.com:

Indoor Footy on Feburary 20th

This Sunday, February 20th, the Orange County Bombers will host the world?s first indoor footy game on an Arena Football field when they take on the San Diego Lions at the Staples Center in downtown LA, home of the LA Lakers.

With the Arena field being only 50 yards by 25 yards, some radical rule changes had to be made to make the game work, and last Sunday the Bombers and the Lions got together to go over the rules and have a scratch match on an Arena sized field. With 7 players a side and a nine foot wide goal, with a 14 foot high cross bar deciding ?unders? and ?overs? (worth 6 and 3 points respectively), there was understandably some initial confusion, but the players adapted well and everyone agreed that the idea can work and it looks like a lot of fun too. Added to the rule changes is the fact that the boundary is a 5 foot high padded wall and the ball is always in play, and the surface is not exactly the soft grass that we are used to. However it is hoped that this event will help raise awareness of the sport in this area and ultimately attract new recruits.

The Bombers v Lions match starts at 11am, then both clubs will participate in an Aussie Rules exhibition at half time of the LA Avengers game at 3pm. The Avengers game is expected to sellout, meaning a crowd of 15,000 people could be exposed to Australian Rules Football. While the Bombers/Lions exhibition is going on, a promo video supplied by the AFL will run on all screens at the stadium and a kids clinic will be held with a dozen kid?s footballs being given away to potential AFL stars.

2/17/2005 - Orange County Bombers

So get on down and watch some good old Aussie Rules!

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What? they have scheduled Aussie Rules and a Trojans thing at half-time? how long does half time go for?

You might want to read this:


Australian Football Fans! Come out and see the first ever Australian Rules Football match at STAPLES Center!

The LA Avengers have invited Aussie Rules Footy to one of the biggest arena's in the US on Febuary 20th 2005, Tickets are only $16.50 for both events! Each ticket is good for a lower level seat to the Avengers game as well as the contest between the Orange County Bombers and San Diego Lions.

Along with the match before the Avengers game, there will be a AFL exhibition at halftime of the Avenger game before a sold out crowd!

To order your tickets today, simply click on the below link and submit the secure form to reserve your seats with other Bomber and Lion fans. You will be contacted by an Avengers representative within 24 hours to confirm your order.

Tickets ordered before Feb. 14 will be sent via first class mail. Orders after Feb. 14 will be placed in will call at the STAPLES Center's box office. Will call will open at 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 20. Make sure you bring a photo identification to pick up your tickets.

All tickets are subject to availability so get in fast.

Essentially the Bobmers-Lions game is before the Avengers game, but there will also be a demostration of sorts at halftime. That won't take very long

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