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RGV Killer Bees concept.

Ez Street

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Just a question...why does everyone dislike gradients in sports design?

Just curious. I use a lot of gradients for effects. I understand that, in the past, it wasnt feasable to produce gradients for manufacturing/embroidery purposes. And for the sake of a few select BIG GUN (Mr. Radom) designers....it is THEIR style to produce modern logos with a classic touch in that they are simple. I think with the advancements of sportswear production, it is very safe to design with gradients.

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I thought of the Killer Bees from SNL's early days---now that would be a neat logo...


I like the look here--I also am not crazy about the orange one--but the others look good, the colours work, and I expected a more black & yellow design--but this is well pulled off...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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