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i just reinstalled nhl 2002 on my computer

its been a while sinced I played it, but i remember I used to be able to put my own logos onto any nhl jersey or the games own custom jerseys in create a team.

however, i forgot how i did that, so how do you do it?

also, how do you get custom jerseys into the game, because I see your screenshots of players in your jerseys so I know its possible.

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I recently explained this to someone else via email, so I'm copying and pasting here. A note... you'll need the EA Graphics Editor... search for it using any common search engine, and you should find it.

A brief overview of how I add my own jerseys. I do NOT use batch files (*.bat type files), although if you want to share your patches, you'd need to learn how to make those. I dabbled in that thing briefly, but found it excessively work-intensive and took a long time to accomplish something I cared a lot less about then, say, creating new stuff.

What I do is open your EA Graphics Editor, and open the uniforms.viv file (mine is in the NHL 2001/gamedata folder). Be sure to backup this uniforms.viv file before you start, in case something screws up. Now, after opening the .viv file, you should see a bunch of folders open up along the left toolbar in the Graphics Editor. If you want to update existing teams' uniforms in 2001, you open the files marked uniXXXX.fsh (where the X's represent numbers), and I'd assume it'd be similar for 2002. Opening these files opens a whole new set of options for you, just like opening a folder would. The jersey is the file marked TORS in 2001. Open this file, and take note of the pixel dimensions of the jersey. Then, having created the jersey in Photoshop using the templates (I assume you know how to use the layers to create the desired textured effects, if not, I could try to explain that some other time). Having noted the pixel dimensions of the original, make your new jersey in Photoshop have the same dimensions, then flatten the layers (having saved with the layers still separate), and save your jersey as a jpeg. Now, in the EA Graphics Editor, open the Tools menu window and select Import Wizard. Choose the "Import an existing external file into the current open image." option, and hit Next. Use the browse feature to find where you saved your jpeg, and then hit Next. It should then import your file, and then hit Finish, and then reload that TORS file to ensure it correctly imported your jersey. Then go play the game, and test to see that your jerseys look the way you wanted them to. It took me several tries to get the proportions the way I wanted them to look in the game, so don't be surprised if it takes you a while as well.

This is how I add uniforms to my NHL 2001 game, however it's likely very similar for 2002.

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Check out the following link to download the jersey importer..

NHL 2002 Download Page

Once you unzip it, modify the UNIFORM.BMP with your artwork (logos, numbering, jersey, etc), run the .EXE and your custom team will now have your colours.

If you are looking to modify a previous NHL team's jerseys, I can't help you as I haven't played with that stuff yet.

Hope this helps!

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Uncut EA Sports NHL 2002 Addons is one of the few that are still on the web as most of the sites are 2003 addons only..there are probably a bunch more, but I haven't had much luck in finding them!

When you unzip the updates, grab the PNG's and layer them ontop of the UNIFORM.BMP from the Jersey Importer and play away..same goes with goalie equipment, helmets, socks, etc.

If you are looking for particular teams and can't find them, PM me as I DL'd a tonne of them last year before they vanished.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention in my last message that you are limited to one jersey per team with EA's Jersey Importer. I'm the commissioner of a few rotisserie fantasy hockey leagues and there's definitely something cool about seeing your custom jersey on your players as they take to the ice!

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