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Good AROD article


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I read that in the sporting news this morning. It's funny. As a Yankee hater, I respect Jeter because he'll do anything and everything at the top of his ability for his team to win, and I respect that. AROD on the other hand. He bitchslapped the ball from someone, and tried to play it off like he didn't. So I lost what I had for him then <_<



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So let's get this straight. The Red Sox don't like him. That makes sense.

Jeter doesn't like him. That makes sense also. Because with ARod on the team he is the SECOND best shortstop in New York. If Jeter really cared about anyone but himself, he would have moved to Second and let the Yankees sign Beltre, with ARod at Short.

A 2nd year Blalock and rookie Teixeira(that's what they were when he was still there) don't like him. That makes sense when the consencus "Best player in Baseball" is a little too rah-rah for you. God forbid a player wants to win and tries to help.

His former Rangers Team doesn't like him. That makes sense also when he lobbied so hard to get out of there. Not to mention the dumb things he said later.

Players who make less money are jealous, surprise.

Where are seven years worth of Mariner teammates complaining?

What about when he gave up 3rd at the All-Star game for Ripken?

As far as the "bitch slapping" goes, I've heard lots of guys who actually played the game say they understand what he did. Not a smart decision, he was called out, it had no effect on the game, and he just tried to do what he could to help his team win. Again no one has ever done something illegal in a game and then tried to "play it off". Get a grip and play a game once in a while, it happens. Not on playstation, but in real life it happens.

True there could be a little of that Kobe thing going on also.


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