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Stupid stupid me...


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The Los Angeles Tides

copy/paste like usual...

I sent it in at the same time my web server was down, and by the time I knew it was down and the e-mail didn't get through... It was Canada Day. Too late. Oh well, good thing it's only for bragging rights.

The LA Tides concept maintains the old Blue and Yellow colours from their old franchise, the Rams (they have changed their colours though so it's ok) and I tried to come up with a creative name, that somehow related to the area. The NFL need a Blue/Yellow coloured team now.

I think I could have come in... 3rd or if I was lucky 2nd in the voting. That was a very good Condors concept.

well...that's all thanks  :(

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I came in third with...3 votes, one being from myself :P

you tied for 3rd  :;):  hehe

anyways braden, this is a great uniform concept, but i really dont think it would have got you much in the june contest, only because i know the main point of the contest was to find the best logo i see you do have a logo there, but i dont think it could quite compete with the top designs out there like the condors and cavarly ect.. but either way you look at it you did a great job  :)

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