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Chicago blitz


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These uniforms I found a bit easier to do than the first two, keeping the details simple (yet bold) and drawing heavily from the Blitz' 1983-84, and recent uniform styles of the New England Patriots and Houston Texans.  The different color sleeves and the shoulder striping evoke the 1984 Blitz unis (as well as the Texans), only with a more streamlined shape that makes blue a more prominent trim color.  Also, the striping on the pants and helmet is contextual to the primary logo (which I couldn't design anything better than, so I left as is), with a more modern striping treatment than what they had 20 years ago.  To complete the no-nonsense look of these, the numbers are simple 3-color block numbers with a dark drop shadow.  Comments?

Next:  whoever I get a good idea for :P


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I like these very much.  I especially like the center stripe on the helmet -- it's a different style from any that I recall.  Excellent work.

Do you plan on posting these anywhere as an "all inclusive", where they can all be seen at once?

It's where I sit.

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