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Sask riders black concept


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Hey guys and gals...

I'm new to this and I did this a long time ago and like a jack ass I forget who the template belongs too... so here we go I took out teh elmet because I like the riders wraparound and I was having trouble duplicating it... anyhoo here it is be gentle...lol


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The numbers are a little tall, and adding black is usually frowned upon, but I don't mind this too much. The shoulders are a bit of a different cut, which is nice. Doesn't exactly fit with the traditional Roughriders look, but it's a nice concept.


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i usually frown on black concepts, but i'm not frowning upon this one since the riders already use black trim.  like sy said, the numbers are a little tall but i don't see anything else wrong with it.  besides, i'd rather see a team add a black uniform if they already use black in some form (i.e. not like duke hoops or the mets)


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