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Creamer PGA


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Right now I am looking for 10-16 teams, 12 per team, 2 A list Golfers, 4 B List Golfers and 2 C List Golfers. It will be a head to head competition much like the Ryder Cup or the World Championship of Golf, but in team format. I hope there are people interested.

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Here are the teams

Golf Club of Glendale(lilg)

Muirfield Village Golf Club(mac)

Royal Melbourne Gold Club(aussie)

Baltusrol Golf Club(Springfield, NJ)(NJTank)

St. Andrews Whiskey(lopernv)


- Head to Head every weekend

- 12 Golfers

- 2 A list Golfers

- 4 B list Golfers

- 2 C list Golfers

Starters will be a foursome of 1 A-List, 2 B-List, and 1 C-List

- We will do a special major 4 weekends a year when the PGA has their Major Tournaments, From the Starters, we will tally up the scores and the team with the best score will receive 5 points

- when going head to head

- 5 points for a major tournament win(only one team can win this)

- 3 points for a win

- 2 points for golfer with best score

- 1 point for loss

Each of the starters score will be recorded and will be tallied up. Whoever has the lowest wins, if there is a tie we will designate a player to be the tiebreaker.

So is anyone else interested?

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ill join the st andrews team

create your own team, the teams will consist of 12 PGA Pro players. The teams you see are the teams that have signed on as of the moment

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looking for a tenth team to complete the league, here are the teams so far

1. Baltusrol Golf Club(NJ Tank)

2. Golf Club of Glendale(lilg)

3. Les Coqs de Paris GC(scooter13)

4. Royal Melbourne Golf Club(aussie)

5. Unnamed Golf Course(officeglenn)

6. The Abbey Course at Saint Leo University(AstroBull21)

7. St. Andrews Whiskey(lopernv)

8. Cog Hill Knickers(SouthSidePride)

9. Muirfield Village Golf Club(mac)

10. Expansion Club

Right now i'm looking for a quality owner to take over the 10th spot, if interested please apply in the link on the first post

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