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"Creativity" issues


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Thought I'd open up a thread for this.... It seems to me that everyone has some sort of creative vision of what they would like to see their home team in (see: I do a lot more Mariners'-related concepts than any other team), and a few of other teams.

Then, of course, once somebody posts a concept of one team, someone else on the board looks at it and says "Hey, I didn't think of that," and makes their own. Plus, for the most part, jersey concepts are incredibly simple on most occasions. Slap a wordmark on a template then decide if you want to have piping or pinstripes (or all too often, forget that these are options), find eriqjaffe's team font-set, put a number you like on it, and you're done.

Which isn't to say that "regular" concepts are devoid of anything interesting, but they do seem like a starting point on which to build skill in whatever design program you're using, so unless you have a big project like a redesign of the entire MLB, or someone who has been at these things for a long time, you're probably not going to see anything "technically brilliant." Further, people will comment more on these concepts I think, if only because they are familiar.

Everyone's got an idea about a major league club, only few people have an idea about a minor league club or a fantasy club.


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that sounds about right...we all know the big league clubs, so most of the concepts around here are gonna be big league clubs. With some exceptions, foreign teams, sports not played widely in North America, or minor league clubs won't be on our radars simply cus we aren't familiar with them, and for that reason not many are gonna comment on those concepts. example-if I do an NHL-wide project, I will get a lot of responses cus I might do your team next; if I do a Port Adelaide Power concept set, the only folks who'll even know what sport I did it for, let alone what team, would be Australians and fellow NA-based AFL junkies, and hence I'll only hear from them :D


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I just posted a fantasy football concept my friend did for me. It's been viewed well over 100 times, yet no comments. Granted, a lot of people won't even visit the concepts board, but I was sure I'd get some feedback.

How creative is it? Well, it's not using elements from established teams. Also, the colors are unique. Apparently, if it isn't something with an existing logo slapped on it, people lack interest. Better luck next time, I guess.


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