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Larry Brown in NY


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Now that long time vet coach larry brown has climbed out of the motor city, i need predictions. What will the knickerbockers look like in 2006?

1. Team record-

2. Chance to compete?-

3. avg. attendence-

4. Playoff bound?-

5. If so, how far into-

6. Brown will stay for...-

7. Biggest bonus-

8. Biggest bust-

Just for fun.

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1. Team record - 43-39 maybe... improvement of the team, rookies, and larry brown factoring in should be good enough for a +.500 record... Larry alone will improve their record from last season in games lost by single digits. I'd say that's good enough for a 10 game improvement.

2. Chance to compete? - Compete for the East? Sure. Not compete for the championship though... the team simply isn't good enough.

3. avg. attendence - Even though the team stunk last season, attendence was still high... I'd look for that to continue. It's NY... people come to games. And Nate Robinson alone will sell tickets.

4. Playoff bound? - I'd like to think so. Boston will slip, Washington might without Hughes, NJ is no guarantee in my mind, and I'm not entirely sure about Cleveland despite they're enormous potential.

5. If so, how far into - First round exit most likely, but if some more deals happen they could easily be a 2nd round team. Let's not forget the Knicks of 1999 who weren't even supposed to make the playoffs but wound up in the NBA Finals. This team doesn't have the same heart right now, but things can change.

6. Brown will stay for... - his contract is 4 years.... I would expect no less than 3 in his home town. He's 65, has health problems, but I would expect Brown to coach 3 seasons minimum.

7. Biggest bonus - Larry Brown for starters. Defensive, tough, and will sit someone like Marbury or Crawford for not playin the way they need to. I also think Nate Robinson will be the steal of the draft for the Knicks. The 2nd unit for NY is shaping up to be pretty exciting with Nate, Crawford, Ariza, Rose, Frye

8. Biggest bust - Most likely to be Jerome James. Depending which JJ shows up to play in NY... if it's the JJ of the Sonics playoffs then it's all good. If it's every other showing of JJ then he'll be a bust for sure.

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1. Team record-41-41

2. Chance to compete?-0%

3. avg. attendence-Near sellouts

4. Playoff bound?-Yes in the East

5. If so, how far into-1 and done

6. Brown will stay for...-3 years

7. Biggest bonus-Marburry wil play up to potential

8. Biggest bust-Qunetin Richardson



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1. Team record: 44-38. I felt they were a 39 win team, and I consider Larry Brown with this type of talent good enough for five more wins.

2. Chance to compete - In the Atlantic, the worst division in the NBA? Yes, but they'll settle for second at best, because they won't catch New Jersey.

3. avg. attendence - I expect them to sell out all but four or five games.

4. Playoff bound?- Yes, but they'll have to get by Boston or Philadelphia for the eighth spot, because New Jersey, Detroit, Miami, Indiana, Milwuakee, Cleveland, and Chicago if it re-signs Chandler and Curry, all seem locks or probables for the playoffs.

5. If so, how far into - First round, POSSIBLY second, but I don't like their chances beyond the first if New Jersey, Miami or Detroit is their opponent.

6. Brown will stay for - Four of the six years(I THINK it's six years). He knows the team won't compete this year, and after the second year, they'll have unloaded all the big contracts except for Marbury's. So, if 07-08 is the first year they can realistically compete, Brown will give them two seasons to win before he leaves.

7. Biggest bonus - Larry Brown, period. The team can be light years better if they play a lick of defense.

8. Biggest bust - Big contracts. This team is still handcuffed by big salary players, and it's a problem that has the next two years more or less lost.


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