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Concept: Cedar Rapids Kernels v.1.1


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Now that I know about the new forum for concepts, here is my revised set of Cedar Rapids Kernels unis, inspired entirely by my desire for my old hometown to have a nice cap with the city initials on it. That's one of the things a baseball team is supposed to provide its home city, in my book. Anyway, I've redone the alt set according to some very good suggestions I got when I posted this to the wrong board. And for the heck of it, I've included my original version of this set, back when I was working with the Kernels' current Angels-inspired color scheme.

C&C humbly requested.







Home (Red Scheume)


Road (Red Scheme)


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Same critique applies: home/away cap logo looks way too busy with both the interlocking C-R and the corn-ball. I'd try getting rid of the corn-ball and give the interlocking C-R a white outline. If you'd still like to keep the corn-ball integrated into the uniforms, why not use it as a sleeve patch?

Otherwise, great work.

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