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I came across an ad in a local paper here in Ft. Worth, TX. It appears a local brewery is having a contest to see who can design the best logo for one of their new beers--"Pecker Wrecker Imperial Pilsner"

I know there are some great talents on this board and I wanted to post to make you all aware. I have nothing to do with the contest, but it appears if you win you get a tap room rental for you and 50 friends, along with getting your logo on the tap handle, shirts and beer glasses.


DESIGN the "PECKER WRECKER" Logo and win a Brewery Party!!!!!!!


ENTRY's must be received at RAHR BREWING no later than AUGUST 22nd. PLEASE have your design on a hard back stock as well as a disk formatted in a jpeg or Adobe format.

We are having an ART/DESIGN competition. ART CONTEST!!!!!! Rahr & Sons is coming out with our first seasonal beer (September).....

"Pecker Wrecker Imperial Pilsner"

To have some fun with this new beer (which is a 7% alcohol, highly hopped German Pilsner) we are going to have the public come up with the Design/Logo for this beer.(all rights reserved by Rahr & Sons Brewing) The only rule for the design is that there has to be a Woodpecker and a Tow Truck incorporated into the design.

The winner will be awarded a free tap room rental for that person and 50 of his/her friends. (must be 21 to enter) The winning design will be used for the TAP HANDLE STICKER, a T-shirt and limited edition Beer Glass.

Remember.... the only rule for the design is that there has to be a Woodpecker and a tow truck incorporated into the design. Designs have to be in hand at Rahr Brewery no later than August 22, 2005....

That's not far away....!!!!

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So instead of a beautiful German lady such as the St. Pauli Girl, the chick on this bottle will be a gap toothed, dirty-haired, no makeup, saggy-boobed vd ridden 50 year old prostitute? I've heard they are the best pecker wreckers around, second only to marriage.

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I'm sure they didn't hold a contest to develop the recipe or supply the ingredients, and I'm certain that the guys and girls serving it aren't working for a t-shirt.

EDIT: I let them know that, too.... http://www.rahrbrewing.com/guestbook/index.php

Don't see your entry. Maybe they removed it?

Gah! I've been CENSORED!

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