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Another Fantasy Soccer Concept


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This is for my proposed team in the World Soccer Federation (pending approval from the powers that be)...thought I'd put up what I created for it here...

The players used on the kits are from Real Madrid (my base team for this little venture)...

Anyways, we all know the drill...C&C welcomed and appreciated...





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i like the skyline idea for this concept. i'm not too crazy about the color scheme tho, nor the four incomplete stripes at the bottom. kit design is pretty good, and could be better using some of the actual existing kits out there. however, the real madrid roster does irk me. DOWN WITH REAL MADRID!!! maybe try a new sponsor? one that really is unique to new york. PSV Eindhoven of the Dutch Eredivisie uses Philips as their sponsor, so maybe MetLife or New York Life or something could be a better, more personal sponsor. nice job so far.

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