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down under state of mind


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basically, I've sat on these ones for a few months and am just now releasing them

Michigan State


I don't have the basketball team's State wordmark on me, otherwise I woulda used that.



I planned this to be a roadie, but got sidetracked and haven't gotten around to the blue version yet. eh well.




I got the idea from the coaches' polos from 94 (Apex, I believe) and because folks would be whinin for a powder blue version anyway, I included it as a "moneymaker" jersey

and my first AFL club footy concept, Geelong


these are supposed to represent slashes, though I'm now unsure about it.


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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You know, actually, the Catters aint that bad.

(Geelong are the Cats, also sometimes called the Catters)

Geelong have been Navy and White hoops since the late 1800's so they're going to keep that.

But the slashes kind of incorporates this traditonal theme, and yet, the slash marks are kinda like what a nasty cat might do.

I also like the powder blue Chargers.

Michigan and State are kinda plain. Perhaps that thing Michigan have on their football helmet could somehow be a shape in the jumper design?

Oh, and I've got a site.

Footy Jumpers Dot Com

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