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  1. There's an a for Australia, and a W for women's and the overall design looks like the goal posts and goal square. but it also looks like WPS Office https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_c7SIbcTpySYbYobfhoeYClXLNdUhZhclzvD17w-GBACXAK9A3lbPTXPKEzKOtQJ3jky=w300
  2. How about some Aussie logos? They don't need the text or the grey background.
  3. Channel Nine TV station sponsor the semi pro Eastern Football League in Melbourne Australia Their logo is For every club in the league, the Number 9 jumper looks like this:
  4. One for the Aussies And one for the Americans
  5. These look great. They'd be a good start for someone looking to do a history of football uniforms. Like what this could be: http://www.weirdwolf.net/FFP/index.htm
  6. Australia's teams wear Green and Gold because when first formed as a country in 1901, most times they played sport it was against England, who had combinations of Red White & Blue depending on the sport. So Australian chose Green and Gold and have worn it ever since. The only exceptions are clash kits, though there was a move to use Navy Blue more often, but this was regarded as being un-Australian.
  7. Something I've always wondered about, but never actually had to do. Until now. I'm trying to re-create this: The idea is it's a TV set. What I am trying to do is re-create the outline around the screen which looks to have a white/grey to black gradient. Any ideas on how to do this in Illustrator? Would you just trace the shape, or is there a better trick? And how to make it so it looks like it fades?
  8. Who has the graphic designers to come up with concepts? Not the footy club, not the AFL. Yeah, it's Puma, and they consider what they do 'leading edge'.
  9. Here's 3 jerseys all designed and implemented by Puma Australia. Guess who designed the Murder of Crows?
  10. Called a Murder of Crows, after the collective noun for Crows, this is the Road jersey they will wear this season. Personally, I wouldn't use it to wash my car with, but that's just me.
  11. Yes, exactly the same. I made mine in Illustrator, and have not saved the text as outlines, so you'd need a few fonts. I am not sure which you will need but I am reliably informed they are amongst these: http://www.mediafire.com/?9lxjq4oeeaq97hb http://www.mediafire.com/?f2mtmmbzhoe805s http://www.mediafire.com/?5arzb2myd5k34r9 http://www.mediafire.com/?x42nvbou0akx6cu However, the template are here: http://www.mediafire.com/?n6yako8jjz9im9m Again, these are only the front, because the Aussie Rules football cards did not have a standard design on the back.
  12. I've done front only versions of the Aussie Rules ones, which were based on the Topps ones. I never bothered doing the backs because ours were always a large photo from the Grand Final (playoff) which you only completed once you had the entire set. So each back was a different part of the photo
  13. rmered

    NHL meets AFL

    Back in the days of long sleeve jumpers Melbourne's came to a point down the sleeves, reinforcing the yoke look. I'd like to see your Demons concept with that look. Also, what about their new shield logo? Parts of this would look good on the hockey jersey. PS Jimmy Bartel has no S at the end of his name Apart from those few things, these are great.
  14. http://www.bomberblitz.com/~rmered/Basketball.ai
  15. I don't know where to reply, here or BF. This seems fitting. Just too many to comment on. Excellent stuff, love most of them. Each has a Discrim touch that is always unique.