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college socks


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Because most college teams are whores for the shoe companies that pay them to wear their brand of shoes and socks. Nike, adidas and the like don't want a striping pattern to distract your eye from the NCAA-mandated single 1 1/4-square inch logo on the sock.

That, and most players would rather wear short socks. If the NFL didn't mandate the tall socks, I seriously doubt that any players would wear them, with the possible exception of cold-weather teams late in the season.

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As long as there is no more than one, single color 1 1/4-square inch logo per piece of apparel, then no, the NCAA has no uniform code.

They do have some rules on having color on your away jersey. By the NCAA rules, the away jerseys of the Bills, Titans, Cardinals, and Bengals wold not be allowed.

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