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Kansas City Chiefs Concept


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Don't get me wrong, what they have now is perfect, but I decided to do this for fun. Also, the hemet isn't showing up, but it's just the same one they have now except with the logo below. C&C appreciated.


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I like the idea, but in my head I can't say I like it for the Chiefs. Like you said, what they have is close to perfect. The font looks too kooky and irregular - I'm guessing you were thinking either Old West or something more "Indian" like the Cleveland Indians cap logo of the mid-'70s. But it's so irregular that it doesn't look like something the NFL would ever allow on the field. I have a hard time embracing the untraditional stripes also.

It's original and with some tweaks could find a home with a newer team. But it doesn't pass my test of "would I want the team in these over what they have now?", so I can't get into it.

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