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Slovak shield stylized


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I like it. Great logo, great use of color.

I'm curious, though. Are the two lines on the cross because Slovakia is predominantly Orthodox?

I had heard that one of the problems in old Czechoslovakia was that Czechs were mostly Catholic and Slovaks mostly Orthodox, but I may be wrong. Can you please fill in some blanks for me?

(By the way, you notice the Scandinavian countries have laid-back crosses? Well, Scandinavians are mostly Lutheran, and you know us Lutherans, we're so laid back. :P )

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thanks for the comment.

i asked my dad about your statement with the catholics and lutherns and orthodox...he said that the majority of slovaks and czechs are catholic. the problems between the two were that they wanted thier own identity and be free on their own terms and not feel that one has more influence/power than the other. problem goes way back in the history of the 2 countries.

thanks again

PS.- i am luthern also ^_^

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I really like it. I am not advocating that we begin updating national crests and national colors, but this looks sharp and could be useful as an identity package for the Slovakians.

Where are your folks from? My wife's father's parents came from Slovakia, and we're looking to travel over there in the near future.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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