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College football unis: first week observations


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and a couple possible hoaxes that came our way:

North Texas was allegedly switching to black facemasks for this season(why, i don't know, as UNT's secondary colors are navy and bronze)-at the UNT-OU debacle the Mean Green still had white facemasks (but did make a minor change to their circle/star hybrid logo, replacing their UNT version with a version reading MEAN GREEN).

also, UAB did change their helmet logo from the shield w/dragon head to just the dragon head.  however, they didn't don their alleged new road uniform (all white), instead coming out in gold helmets and pants for their road game at baylor.  i dunno, maybe we'll see the white helmet later on.

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this is the most difficult thing for me to say(Tennessee fan),but it was great to see Florida wearing white cleats again,and to be quite honest they didn't look good in the black cleatsand while we are on the subject of cleats i really didn't like Tennessee in white cleats why i don't know i guess it just something to get use to
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