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Winthrop University Football


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Alrighty...I go to Winthrop University, here in Rock Hill, SC. Some of you have probably heard of us, mainly due to almost taking down Gonzaga in the first round of the '05 NCAA tourney. We don't have football, mainly because until the 1970's, for almost 100 years, the college was women's only, and still today, the male-female ratio is something like 1 to 4. Lately though, there's been a push for football...that hasn't gotten very far. But without further adieu, here is my concept if Winthrop had a football team...

Winthrop Football


-Simple and traditional (USC-esque) on purpose. The basketball team uses a more modern number font, I tried it and didn't like it.

-I also tried the Winthrop from the wordmark on the unis, didn't look good.

-The W is what the baseball team uses, I included it even though it didn't make it to the unis.

Feedback is greatly appreciated...thanks!

(P.S. Does anybody know how I can get my images to look less...grainy? I don't like the way it saved.)


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