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Defunct nfl project


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Ok, this works just like my defuct nhl project. I post concepts here and post replies when there is a new concept. Ok here we go

Boston Redskins

First concept, the Boston Redskins- I didn't want this to be a Washington Redskins concept so I was was inspired by I think the 1969 logo with the R, I replaced it with a B for Boston. No white pants, gold pants with burgandy jersey, burgandy pants with white jersey.

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Not bad

Of course you know you have to do a concept for the Newark and Orange Tornadoes who played in the NFL around 1930

that's odd because you don't have them down under the defunct teams, on your site. Not that your wrong because I know your right. But to reduce the number from alot to a reasonable amount I'm using the list that you have under the defunct history plus the LA Raiders.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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