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Bad breoncos.....bad!


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If this has already been addressed I missed it & apologize profusely in advance....

I heard on one of the pregame shows this morning that Shannahan was fined for a trick he pulled in San Diego last week.  Apparently the Broncos were supposed to wear the dark jerseys, and only shortly did the Cahrgers learn that Denver was going with all-white.  This caused the Chartgers to go with their hotter, dark jerseys.  It was said that the team color combos are set prior to the start of the year, the Broncos broke what they said, and so thus the fine.

Just found it an interesting tactic...

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Hi all. I don't want to overreact to this thing, but what's to stop any team from doing this to force, say, Miami or Dallas to wear dark in hot weather? The fine becomes a cost of doing business. If I'd been the Chargers GM, I'd've said, "We're the home team. We choose white." And the team would've come out on the field in white. If the ref said anything, I'd say, "They're the road team. They don't get to choose, we do. They don't have their dark jerseys with them? Then they're unprepared to play. They forfeit, we win 2-0." And I would've had the Commissioner's office on my cell phone's speed dial.

By the way, I have no horse in this race (groan). The only time I care about the Chargers is when Doug Flutie plays. As for Denver, I wish they'd tweak the striping on their jerseys. Other than that, I have no opinion about the Broncos.

Don't mind me, though. We mew-tants sweat the small stuff.  :P



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