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DVD Covers for VHS tapes never released on DVD

Nick 1733

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Okay, I've been working on these for a while now. I am currently making DVD covers for all five of my Broncos VHS Videos that were never released on DVD. I have two done, three to go (Official Super Bowl XXXIII Season Video, John Elway's Greatest Comebacks, 40 Years And A Cloud Of Dust - 9KUSA Special),

The first is the Official Super Bowl XXXII Video Cover.

I used players in blue uniforms instead of white like they are on the VHS cover because they played the Super Bowl that year in their navy jerseys.

The second is Orange Sunday (35 Year History of the Denver Broncos) 1994.

Now this tape is a rare one, only sold in King Soopers stores in Colorado back in 1994. Strangely enough, I have three copies of the tape.

This was was more difficult as I had to improvise and use photos I have which means it doesn't look like exactly like the VHS cover, but the general design for both is similar. I used a different font for the title and back cover description. I changed the spine as well, making it look like the helmet stripe from that era.

Let me know what you all think. Comments, cirticism?

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