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I need the experts help.....


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i made a bunch of concepts (mostly of southwest missouri state) using the correl photo house (that's alli know how to use), and when i uploaded them as bmp. it would not allow it, so i converted them to jpg. and they came out sort of discolored and almost runny, i  was trying to upload them to my new tripod site i'm building. i need suggestions on how to fix the problem, like should i go with geocities or would that not make a difference? thanks for any help.
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I dont know much about free sites.  Im still using my old companys.

But I do know that bitmaps are huge and terrible quality.  Its no wonder a free site concerned with bandwidth didnt allow them.

You didnt turn the bmps into jpgs did you?  Cause you can "retrieve" quality like that.  Once its gone its gone.  If you saved the parent files into jpgs and they look bad...it could be the image size or resolution.  The web sees everything at 72 dpi.  everything over is a waste, under is....well yuck.  Also, if you code an image to appear at 60X60 for example, and upload a much bigger image, the browser will resize it for you......which looks like :censored:.

There is lots that can go wrong.  Sadly it can make all the difference in terms of presentation.  Ya gotta learn the ropes somehow though right?

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to add to Sterling's comments, your display will always show 72dpi resolution. what you want to do is before you save or export anything, check the overall image size (inches, millimeters, pixels, whatever) to resolution. for display from the web, the res will be at 72. so you want to setup your file correctly so that at 72dpi it is the size you want it to be (onscreen). play with the numbers and try saving a few different ways to see what works best in your case.

you'll want to test by opening your file through your browser to test before uploading it to your server (no sense wasting the time and effort when you can do offline on your own machine).

another few check points to look at through Corel (and any other rastor programs) are:

1. RGB format - red/green/blue. if your file is not RGB from the start it will convert from CMYK (cyan/magenta/yellow/black) and you can lose some of the color brilliance. try to start in RGB if you plan to display on the web.

2. anti-alias - this will reduce the jaggy parts of line segments and give a smoother screen appearance.

3. review the overall file size - keep it at a decent file size by not making too large of an image. remember not everyone has high-speed and some may experience long delays while your file downloads to their browser.

4. for online viewing stick with *.jpg or (if you have a small image) *.gif formats. they're very web friendly and should be less likely to have problems.

5. keep you original concepts in the original format they were designed in, in case you land the right connection and someone needs it for further reproduction. this keeps you from having to do it twice.

hope this helps

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