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Authentic jersey purchase question...

Brian in Boston

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I am one of the founders/organizers of a ten-team flag football league. The league is celebrating its 10th anniversary, so we've decided to go all-out with regard to buying new uniforms this year. Through a business colleague who plays on my team, we're going to order customized authentic NFL jerseys.

Given that we'll only be ordering one jersey per man per team, teams obviously won't have the luxury of switching from "home" to "road" unis each week. This means that we must choose 10 different-colored jerseys (i.e. We can't order both the Panthers' and Saints' Black jerseys, since they'll eventually play each other). The players have also let it be known that they would prefer jerseys from teams with sleeve logos, as it gives the look of each jersey a bit "more bang for the buck". I personally decided that we'd only order jerseys with logos that didn't contain letters identifying an NFL team's home city (i.e. no Ravens' jersey with the "B-R" Shield, no Dolphins' jersey with an "M" on the mascot's helmet, etc.), so that the logo was more universal.

So... after checking on the availability of certain jerseys - including some alternates - I found that we started with a pool of the following potential jerseys:

Bengals = Black or White

Buccaneers = Red or White

Chargers = Navy Blue or White

Cowboys = Navy Blue

Eagles = Green or White

Falcons = Black or White

Jaguars = Teal or White

Panthers = Black, Carolina Blue or White

Patriots = Navy Blue or White

Rams = Navy Blue or White

Saints = Black, Gold or White

Seahawks = Seahawk Blue or White

Titans = Navy Blue or White

Vikings = Purple or White

As you can see, some choices are automatically dictated to us. We have to go with the Buccaneers' Red (though I honestly prefer their White jersey), Eagles' Green, Jaguars' Teal, Seahawks' Blue and Vikings' Purple, as those colors are "unique" in terms of what is available to us.

Once those selections are set, the next group of colors/jerseys presents itself through process of elimination. I selected the Bengals' Black jersey, as I think it looks better than their White. This means we have to go with the Falcons' White, which in turn means that we have to go with the Saints' Gold and the Panthers' Carolina Blue.

Which leads to my question (whew... I knew I'd get to it)...

Which Navy Blue jersey would you guys select? Would it be the Chargers', Cowboys', Patriots', Rams' or Titans' jersey? Actually, let me make your choice a bit easier by eliminating the Cowboys from consideration. None of the teams in the league is really too keen on wearing it.

So, which Navy Blue jersey would you choose?

Brian in Boston

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BRice16 and Mockba...

Thanks for the advice guys! It's all a bit of a moot point now. I just finished up with a pair of phone calls that are going to change the direction we're going in.

First of all, the league is going to consolidate from ten teams down to eight. This will allow the rosters to be a bit deeper. We're not getting any younger. Everyone will still get plenty of playing time, it's just that now it will be easier to get somebody to come in and give a guy a "breather" every now and again.

More importantly, my friend David - who works in the sporting goods industry - has tracked down some rare jerseys that I'm really excited about. He's managed to get his hands on the Falcons' new Authentic Red alternate, as well as some surplus NFL (old Baltimore Ravens' Purple Wilson jerseys with "flying raven" patch on sleeves) and CFL (Toronto Argonauts' Navy Blue Adidas jerseys) Authentics.

So... the new uni breakdown is as follows:

Argonauts = Navy Blue

Bengals = Black

Buccaneers = White

Eagles = Green

Falcons = Red

Jaguars = Teal

Ravens = Purple

Seahawks = Seahawk Blue

Brian in Boston

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Hm, that's a good call. If I were just flat out picking, it'd be the Rams.

Which I would agree with, but seeing as the Rams home jersey looks so much better as far as white jerseys go, with the unique blue sleeves, I think you can't go wrong with those.

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