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For my digital design class, I had to create a CD cover using Photoshop. I really don't like Photoshop, I prefer to make everything on my own. So my favorite part was creating the logo for the back. The artists I used to do my CD cover are the Fatboys. If you've ever seen "The Disorderlies", that's them. But anyways, I thought I'd share my logo. It's also a first try at a watermark, so we'll see how that turned out as well. This is obviously a logo of the Human Beat Box.


Edit: The watermark didn't show up, so I guess I'll hafta work on that

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The world is a sad place if you have to explain who the Fat Boys are by referencing Disorderlies.

That's crushin'. :D

Well, I don't think many people know of them, so that's the best thing I could think of. They're also in Crush Groove. I actually like the Disorderlies though...in fact, I watched it this weekend. It was on BET.

"Dude looks like Yoda..."

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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