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Expos relocation


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according to the Washington Post

Major League Baseball's relocation committee has added officials from Mexico City, northern New Jersey, San Antonio and San Juan, Puerto Rico, to its list of delegations that will make presentations as the committee seeks to find a permanent home for the Montreal Expos in 2004, according to sources familiar with the process.

That brings the total to at least eight locales that want to talk to MLB about either the Expos or other future relocations.

Washington, Northern Virginia and Portland, Ore., which remain the leading contenders for the Expos, and Charlotte previously had been confirmed as being invited to meet with the committee either late next month or in March.

Here are some of my ideas

Washington Senators

Virginia Generals

San Juan Tropics

San Antonio Chilis (as in pepper, not chili)

Portland Lumber Jacks (instant nickname "Jacks")

Mexico Toros

New Jersey Knights

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If the tream moves to NNJ, they should be entitled to the Dodgers name, as the Brooklyn Dodgers often played a few games a season in New Jersey.

On second thought, I'm confused as to why Brooklyn isn't trying for a MLB team.  They'd instantly be a large market team, and I know a lot of the locals would switch alligances right over to a Brooklyn team.


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Because, Rob, the yankees and especially the mets would not allow a team inbrooklyn, and The Boss would pitch a fit about a Northern NJ team. A Shame, i'd love my NJ to get a team...oh well.

Washington Senators

Virginia Colonials

San Juan Stars

San Antonio Outlaws

Portland Pioneers

Ciudad de Mexico Diablos

{New Jersey Industrials

{Jersey City Saints

{Newark Ironmen (as the most likely stadium location will be the Ironbound)

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Tank, La Costa Nostra may be EXACTLY why we get the franchise.

Stadium construction, urban renewal, lots of construction. Lots of union jobs

*touches nose*

you ain't read nothin!

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I the NY area gets a team before DC i'm marching up to the comissioners office and mr. selig will sleep with the fishes.

darn NY bias. this city may suck at times, but i think we deserve baseball team more than an area that allready has 2

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