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To Any Seahawks Fans


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I asked Chris permission on posting this before I did to make sure I wasnt out of place... So first and foremost thank you to Chris for allowing me to post here.

Short Version:

I have decided to sell in limited quantity (25 only) the attached Qwest Field True Black and White Fine Art Photography and had posted it on some Seahawks websites... I asked Chris permission, and any sales that are generated from this message board, I will donate back 5% to the boards.

You can buy directly from me by contacting me at briandoakes@briandoakes.com I will personally accept paypal or check... I have also set up a way to purchase it online via credit card, as other had expressed not having paypal accounts or wanting to send a check postal mail... but note that I get charged for each credit card transaction so an extra 15% has been added for CC processed orders.

Those interested in paying by credit card can order here:


Here is the image the way I chose to frame mine:


*price does not include matte or framing.

I have already sold several of these on other boards since making the purchase public... but there is still enough available.. as I said... once 25 prints have been sold... I will not print anymore. This makes for a nice and unique fine art print of Qwest Field, captured in a way that is not often seen by many.

Here is the original post from other Seahawks boards to give more detail and provide some FAQs:

I have found out that it is legal for me to sell these photos as per property / copyright law... the photograph was taken from a public place where a reasonable assumption of photography occurs (shot from street on King St.) and more so importantly.. any and all registered trademark or logos of Qwest are not visible in this photo.

With that in mind let me say that all prints are 100% original photograph prints (not poster prints) on True Black and White Professional Paper and treated with a lustre coating to protect from fading.

I was contemplating selling these on here as a print + frame package... but as everyone has different tastes and interests... and shipping frames across country can get expensive, I thought if anyone was interested... I would just sell the prints... and allow people to get their own custom frame work to match their decor.

Since this is an original piece of art work my price list for fine art is as follow:

8 x 10 True Black & White Print : $75

11 x 14 True Black & White Print : $100

16 x 20 True Black and White Print : $150

20 x 24 True Black & White Print : $200

* Please not that if you pay via credit card online, (vs. check or paypal) the rates are approximately 15% hire to cover credit card processing fees.

What I have decided is that I am going to offer these prints as part of my Signature Series Collection and only produce them in limited quantities of 25 total prints (excluding my own personal original).

Each print comes with a card validating the authenticity and the number of print (ex. 12 of 25), and each print is hand signed (not screen printed) by me.

I realize, this price point may seem high... but it is important to keep in mind this is an original piece of art work, is an original photograph print (not a poster print) and not available in any stores and only 25 prints will be made.

If you or anyone else is interested... please email me directly at briandoakes@briandoakes.com for payment information.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. It could be less.... but typically 4-6 is the maximum time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this price per print include shipping?

Yes... the price listed includes all shipping expenses of standard USPS mail service... If UPS or FedEX or any form of rush delivery is desired... I can make arrangements for this type of service at whatever the current rate is.

Do you have the legal rights to sell this print and / or are you worried about the Seahawks getting mad?

Well, this was my biggest precaution of selling this print as I wasnt 100% sure, but I have spoken with my Intellectual Property Attorneys RE: this print and some prints from NY landmarks and I am 100% confident in selling this print.

Neither the Seahawks, NFL or Qwest Communications trademarks or logos have been infringed upon. Had I slapped a Seahawks, NFL or Qwest Field logo on this to sell it.. Than that would be infringementl.... but as defined in federal law:


Is permission needed to use the image of a trademarked building on a postcard or poster? That issue arose when a photographer sold images of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A federal court of appeals permitted the use of the trademarked building on posters and did not consider it to be trademark infringement. (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame v. Gentile, 134 F.3d 749 (6th Cir. 1998).)

Copyright protection also extends to architectural works, specifically for architectural works created after March 1, 1989. However copyright protection also has limitations. A release is not needed to photograph a building or property visible from a public place. However, permission is needed to photograph and reproduce images of a building protected by copyright and not visible from a public place.

How come you are only making 25 prints available?

This is great question.... Originally I was planning to release this print in limited edition of 12 prints, 12 being significant for 12th man, however I have thought about it and realize that it is a good possibility more than 12 people would want a print of this, so rather than jack up the price on only 12 prints... I have decided to keep my standard fine art prices and limit it to 25. I don't think (although I could be wrong) that more than 25 people end up buying prints... so this way there is enough for those who want them to get them. The only exception I will ever make to this 25 limited edition rule is if any of my personal friends are on the Sea Gals squad next season, I would be willing to donate one of these pieces framed to their annual chairty auction. So if 25 prints are produced, that's it... and I would only have one available in this chairty incident. By limiting the quantities printed... it provides more value to those who have purchased one knowing they are one of few people who have a custom original piece of art.

What is the "Brian D. Oakes Signature Series"?

Some of you may or may not know that I am a professional designer... design is how I make my living.. This past (2005) year I have begun doing photography professionally and have introduced my Signature Series. Typically my Signature Series has been made available to select clients who are willing to pay me a high fee to go out and exclusively photograph something for them... be it a landscape, a skyline, a piece of architecture, or some floral arrangement... or really anything that is a custom photography shoot just for them, where they are the only ones who will receive this print and I will make no more prints from this file... For example... for the holidays one of my client's husbands loves architecture and the Brooklyn Bridge, so she paid me to go out and shoot on a day fine art B&W photos of the Brooklyn Bridge that she then had framed and gave to her husband as a gift. I have alot of higher end clients who take pride in knowing that they are the only ones who will ever have a print from a certain file. Originally I shot this for my own personal interest... but having shown it to people has raised interest... so I thought releasing it as part of my Signature Series in limited quantities would be the best way to make this available and offer some kind of personal value to those few who may own this print.

Why do you only have Black & White Prints available and not Posters, I would imagine Posters you could sell more of and less expensive for us?

This is a excellent 2 part question.....

I only offer black & white because that is the way I decided to make this art piece. If you are interested in some color pieces I could certainly offer some for sale, but it is my expression to capture this structure in a moody way not often seen. That is what makes it unique from a standard color snapshot.

As far as posters vs. prints. Posters are very cost ineffective for me to offer in a community like this for a few reasons. Since I have made the decision to include this in my Signature Series and only offer 25 so that their is more value to those who are one of the few to own one...going the route of posters would not be cost effective. Typically, I have to buy posters in bulk starting at 1,000 unit and I doubt that I would be able to sell 1,000 posters, let alone get enough orders to cover my costs. There are places that would print posters at a QTY of 1, however the price per single unit wouldn't be worth it and I would have to charge as much, if not more than my print rates. Posters are nice and all... but this piece is considered a fine art print and it's appeal is far more effective on true black and white coated photography paper than it would be on a thin and flimsy poster paper.

What payment types do you accept?

Currently, I am accepting PayPal and Checks.... I could set something up to receive credit card payments, however my print rates would have to increase to cover the expense of processing fees. If paying by credit card is the only option available to you, please let me know and I can set up links for you to pay by credit card... but the print rates will be 10%-15% higher that listed.

***** I am currently now accepting credit card payments... Click the following link!


How long does it take for me to get the print?

It should take approximately 4-6 weeks to reach you... This includes time for me to process the order, have it printed at my labs, packaged and shipped...It could be there sooner, but 4-6 weeks is the average.. If you wanted expedited shipping, please contact me direct for rates.

How can I get a print before the 25 limited quantities are gone?

Probably the best question... the answer is simple...

If you pay by paypal (or credit card) you will be guaranteed one of the 25 prints (provided they havent been depleted) and your order will be placed immediately.

If you decide to pay by check, you will be guaranteed one of the 25 prints upon receival of the check. Once the check has cleared (approx 7-10 bus days) your order will be placed and fulfilled. If for some reason your check does not clear, this quantity will be made available back for others to purchase. * Please note, there is a $50 additional charge for any bounced checks and by submitting check for payment you accept and agree to this term and condition.

How come you aren't selling as framed pieces?

Another good question... I would actually prefer to sell my prints only as framed pieces as the artist, I prefer to have complete control over my creative expressions. Plus, all prints, especially Black & White ALWAYS look better in a professional matte and frame, that if someone put it in a cheap $5 plastic frame with no matte it might not look as nice.

However since the majority of people who might purchase this print live outside of my immediate area, it does not make it logistically possible to see everyone's home and choose a frame that would work best for your own personal style. Also.. whenever I have shipped framed pieces from Seattle to NY, shipping alone was about $70, so for cost efficiency I have decided it would be better for you to pick up your own frame and matte to coordinate with your own style and decor.

If someone was interested in buying a complete frame & print package... let me know and I could provide some prices... but as I said... I know shipping alone could get expensive.... but it is something I could look into if there was an interest.

I would however strongly recommend that no matter what type and color of frame anyone ends up getting, that they do use some form of a matte. Mattes really enhance a fine art print like this.

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Though I'm not interested in buying one, because I have no real attachment, I do wanna say that's a really great shot, and hopefully some 'Hawks fans will purchase one.

I mean, I really, really like that.

Woulda loved to see what you might have done with a shot old Busch, but 'tis no more.

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Though I'm not interested in buying one, because I have no real attachment, I do wanna say that's a really great shot, and hopefully some 'Hawks fans will purchase one.

I mean, I really, really like that.

Woulda loved to see what you might have done with a shot old Busch, but 'tis no more.

Thanks alot man... I appreciate the compliment...

this is from the original file...


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i would buy one, if only they weren' so expensive. but a grea picture nonetheless.


to be honest for the kind of print it is.. those prices are actually on the cheaper side.

I've already sold 10 prints in one day since posting... so I am very excited... more so that people will have my prints on their Seahawks Wall, then the money.

If you know anyone in Seattle who might be interested... I certainly would appreciate the referral!

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Just a quick follow up....

Surprisingly I sold more than I expected to so quickly...

Currently I have about 7 of the 25 left (none of which were purchased via here).....

So if anyone wants one.... I definitely would recommend getting in an order soon and as I said.. all sales from this site, a % will be donated back to the message boards....


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