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Anyone going to LA in the near future?

Alphabet Man

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The Footy is on at UCLA Ground (Rose Bowl i think) on Jan 22, 1:45pm it starts i think i read

Kangaroos v Sydney Swans

The Premiers of 2005, Sydney Swans, take on a team that usually make or just miss out on finals in the Kangaroos

Go on do yaself a favour and watch an entertaining game of Aussie Rules footbal

well theres a footy advert for ya's....

also i hear INXS are on in LA around that time!


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also i hear INXS are on in LA around that time!

Matt, we want them to go, not turn them away!!! Shhhhh!!!

well i thought Americans like crap like that lol....

Go to the game 1:45 on the 22nd at UCLA Ground, shouldn't cost much, get in grab a four'n twenty pie and a beer and enjoy some footy - Aussie style


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Kangaroos won by 6 goals, in the Exhibition match at UCLA Ground. i thoguht it was the 22nd obviously i was wrong it was today.......

goalieboy, did ya get down there? hope you had fun

Both coaches (Roos and Laidley) had messages for NFL Scouts 'Look but don't touch' basically ' :censored: off'.....the only palyer capable of playing NFL on those teams, Sav Rocca, was back in Melbourne training for the NAB Cup next month.


Exhibition loss irrelevant, Roos says

From Peter Mitchell in Los Angeles

January 16, 2006


US told look but don't touch

By Nick Papps in Los Angeles

January 16, 2006


Quotes from LA residents (from the first article there)

Americans in the crowd who were watching their first AFL game seemed split on its merits.

"I love it," Santa Monica resident Ben Madres said.

"It's kind of like a mix of basketball and NFL. I'm a little concerned the guys don't have pads and helmets.

"Shouldn't they have pads at least?"

Walter Romy, from West Hollywood, was not impressed.

"It's just a bunch of guys running around," the diehard NFL fan said.

"There just seems no organisation or any game plan."

Well i'm just gonna answer those points, AFL is not like NFL or Basketball, its fast free flowing and high intensity from start to finish. Pads and hlemets? piss off ya yanks, get tougher. The tackling is sorta similar to NFL (apart from no tacklign the head or lower legs). Just a bunch of guys running around? watch more and see its more than that.

Goalie, did ya get there, what ya think of it?


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