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  1. this is the first thing i thought of when i saw sports climbing:
  2. can't help but think of : http://theinfosphere.org/images/0/00/Admiral_Crunch.jpg
  3. a least there is no the magic loogie after the game. since the date they said they played in real life the Pirates.
  4. now that is wrong that they couldn't even be bother to put the Canadian Flag on the Blue Jays jersey.
  5. i think they will say (if they say anything at all) that they have to wear them due to the contract with Nike.
  6. that we know of. anyway, i think 32 teams is the right amount of teams (while they can get the players for more teams, the number of cities that would pay for a new/upgrade stadium is not many).
  7. and the issue with that is they will have to drop both men's and women's sports (if they just drop the women's sports, they will run into Title IX problems). if anything, the sports they drop will become club sports.
  8. the Carrier Dome could work i think (if we are just talking for a few years)
  9. that's for Alex Kurtzman to do (but i digress) now, i wouldn't have mind the Bears doing something to Soldier Field, maybe something like Lambeau Field, but not what they ended up doing.
  10. other then that, not bad
  11. i would think so, but they still could expand down the road (would say, one in the East and one in the West)
  12. and what was the Judge going to say, tell the NFL to move the Raiders back to Oakland (which was never going to happen and even if the Judge said that, the NFL/Raiders were not going to listen to the Judge).
  13. and as someone who been in that area before, no, the area is not ready for it.
  14. the A's logo reminds me of this:
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