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My creation of a company logo


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The text wrapping up like that is kind of gimmicky and I dont care for it.

The rest....not too shabby.  I might downplay the arrows a bit or give them some sort of different angle so they dont look like clock hands.

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I agree with sterling here, i think the text wrap is...well yes, gimmicky.

It detracts from what is an overall fine design.

Sometimes something less literal than a monogram can be more successful for companies that do original, or at least quasi-creative things, such as marketing.

But i dont wanna sound like im harping, because i do like it.

Id try bringing the text down to the baseline, then maybe breaking up the d with the g and the c by spacing the stem on the lowercase d with the spacing between the rest of the letters. just a 2pt? white outline on the d to maintain consitancy with the spacing.

I dont know, it might be too busy then though.

just a few thoughts :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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