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tripple outlined letters...


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Here is what I'd do:

Type in your first outline color. Them convert to curves. Then, select the type. Go to Select and Modify > Contract.... use a couple pixels (depending on how big your art is) Then fill on a new layer.

Then, select the orginal text again, go to select > modify > expand, and fill on a new layer, below the others.

It aint perfect, but neither is creating things in photoshop.

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I have an Photoshop 5. When I need to get triple colors on the letters, I use outer and inner glow. Go under layer, select effects, and use inner glow and outer glow. Pick your colors, put mode at normal, 100% opacity, 600 intensity, and use blur to change size of stripe. It is not perfect, but it could work. If you want sharp edges you will have to fix it by hand. Because the glow effect rounds the corners off. I hope this helps a little bit.



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