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Arena Football League Redesign


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The AFL isn't as over the top as it used to be.  There are a number of teams with conservative uniforms, or uniforms that are from templates seen in college or the pros.

finally, somebody besides me realizes this (bow)

if I had a dollar for every time I saw some out-there concept get derided with "that's too AFL-ish" or "too Arena-league for my taste" or somethin to that effect, I'd be $50 K richer :hockeysmiley:

could be worse there could be ZUBAS. For Chief, For Kansas City, you did a fine job, for LA, I would of incorporated Gold a bit more and left baby blue as a accented color, and for Colorado, what they have is fine right now, they are the defending AB champions and they at least incorporated a look that goes well in the Denver area

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Really like the Avengers' look; especially since I hate their current mis-match look (see side stripes). Although I like scarlet and royal of 2000, I'll take those anytime over the present look. Sure sign of the lack of outlandish uniforms from years past: notice the number of teams that wear all-white on the road. Way more than in the past. Also a fan of the incorporation of orange in the Crush unis (gotta honor Elway somehow).

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