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My fantasy hockey league logo


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I recently made a pair of logos for my fantasy hockey league I wanted to share with you.

Just for kicks, I sent the logos in to cafepress.com and set up a store for members of our league to buy items with the logo on it, which a few guys actually did.


I also made a 'classic' logo and another line of merch, but cafepress wouldn't allow it because it was too close to the NHL logo for them. You can still see the logo by going to this link, but the store is empty now;


I don't want you to get the wrong impression that this is a commercial solicitation and I want you to buy anything. Why would you want any items from a league you're not in? Also, I set up everything at cost for my friends, so there's not a cent of profit in it for me if anyone did buy anything anyway. It's just an easy way to show you my logos and kind of neat that they are actually in use in someway.


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I like it, but it doesn't have much originality tho, looks a lot like the MLB.

It's also in the same style as the NBA and the Indy Racing League so I just figured my firends would think it looked 'familiar' and 'professional' when they saw it for the first time if I did one in that style. I actually used a MLB logo as the template for it, so you right about that.


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