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Angels' new road jerseys


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A blurb in the LA Times today said that the Anaheim Angels are changing their road jerseys to say "Angels" instead of "Anaheim." As an Angel fan in So. California who has suffered through the many bad times and the one good time, I think this is a terrible move. Half of the country still calls them the "California Angels." I have a feeling that many here will agree that this is a change for the worst. I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here as a first time poster, but is there any way to get any/many of you to contact the Angels and show your displeasure, or let me know what I can do. I guess Arte Moreno didn't notice that they won the World Series in the first year of the "Anaheim" jerseys.
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Darn Pantone... you gots all the hookups.

...and to keep them, you gotta keep this info to yourself, and just hint at what might be coming...

Oh well... we should develop some kind of code, so we all know what's coming, but the bigwigs just think it's normal talk.

Like saying it's "kinda Beautiful, Slick, and Tight" would mean Light Blue, Scarlet, and Teal (not a great colour combo, but you get the picture). ...and there I go, rambling on again...

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