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NLL expands to Chicago


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I was surprised to see this (apparently) had not been mentioned yet ...

The National Lacrosse League has officially announced that it will add a 12th team in Chicago in 2007: NLL.com

The team will play out of the new Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates. No word yet on a name or logo. They are taking name suggestions on their website at http://www.ChicagoNLL.com, and there is a tentative logo up there at the top of NLL.com (which I hope to Buddha is not indicative of what the actual logo will look like).

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Brilliant. Play in an arena in a suburb that is far away from the rich, lacrosse playing suburbs in Chicago.

Hoffman Estates is far. They'd be better off at the Allstate Arena.

I give them three years, tops.

(300th post. Woo hoo!)

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