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Blues Alternate Concept


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It's OK.

Honestly, my first impression was this: "Does he know he forgot to change the Blue Note to a navy blue?"

The home sweaters manage to get away with the two shades of blue because it is very clear that the royal blue is the main color. It's the body of the sweater, it's the color of the crest. The navy is smartly used as an accent color.

On your concept, however, the sweater is 95% navy. The only royal anywhere is a little bit at the cuff and a band around the bottom hem. But then there's the Blue Note, as royal blue as ever. This concept is so overwhelmingly navy that royal is crowded out - yet it's there as the principal color of the crest. It's always going to look off if you insist on using so much navy but keeping the Blue Note royal (if nothing else).

Instead of just adding more royal blue, I would suggest getting rid of some of the excess navy. Use more white to break up the monotony of the dark navy everywhere; even the gold is a darker shade. I like the Arch idea, and I am surprised no St. Louis team has really incorporated it into its uniforms.

There's potential in this concept, but you're not there yet.

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I missed the revision, C2C. For what it's worth, I like it. Much better. I would maybe lighten up the royal blue a little, so it is a little farther from the navy. But it's headed in the right direction.

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