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Red Wings concept set


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I made these last ween and wasn't planning on posting them but I'm bored today. I'm sure something similar has been done before, or at least thought of.

No, I don't want the Wings to bring in black. No, I don't want them to have an alt (although, if they do anyway, I want it to be vintage). No, I don't want them to change their current set. This was just for the hell of it.


I couldn't decide which of the white ones to use. The one on the left was the original but looks too much like Team Canada so I did the one on the right, which looks unfinished to me, so I included both.

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They look nice, but they seem a little too New Jersey Devils-like.

I didn't see the Devils in it at all until now, and now it's all I see.

What about doing a modern version of those classic jerseys with the stripes across the front?

It's been done (actually, I did one awhile ago), otherwise I would.

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